Swedenborg explores the Spiritual Dimension

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To those versed in the modern spiritual thinking, much of Swedenborg’s books will seem familiar. However, by drawing on the intuitive source within, he discovered an essential key to wisdom – a key that is highly relevant to the growing endeavour to holistically grasp the physical and spiritual dimensions of life.

By Brian Kingslake, Australian edition, Sydney, 1984,  published by The Swedenborg Lending Library and Enquiry Centre ISBN 0 949463 04 3 (hb)

To read the 30-odd massive volumes by Swedenborg in their undigested state is a daunting prospect. He, like other scholars of his day, wrote in Latin, and most of the available English translations are over-literal and highly latinized.

Brian Kingslake presents a pre-digested version of the main teachings. He is presenting here his own personal interpretation of the whole corpus of writing, distilled from a lifelong acquaintance with Swedenborgian thought, but expressed in his own terms. This little book will provide the reader with the gist of the great man’s theological system.

1 review for Swedenborg explores the Spiritual Dimension

  1. alanmisson@btinternet.com
    4 out of 5


    This is an excellent introduction to Swedenborg’s theological writings.

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