Heart Head & Hands


Are we troubled by what life throws at us? Feeling confused, lonely, worried, or dissatisfied are common experiences. In facing up to these emotions, it can be useful to work within a framework of ideas. Are there new ways of thinking that can help us to develop as people so that we overcome our frailties, imperfections and problems? What is the process by which change takes place?

By Stephen Russell-Lacy Published by Seminar Books, London, 2008 edition,  ISBN 978 0 907293 36 5 (pbk)

As a clinical psychologist, the author has specialised in cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy. working for many years with adults suffering distress and disturbance. He is also familiar with the, sometimes startling, teachings of the 18th.century European philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg.

The book draws links between these psycho-spiritual teachings and current ideas in therapy and psychology. Knowledge about spiritual matters can lead to restoration of vitality for those of us beset with personal difficulties. The focus is on the whole person – how we feel. think and behave – the heart, head and hands of daily living. The result is both helpful and thought-provoking for all those wanting to tackle personal issues.

The writer is currently a tutor at the Swedenborg Open Learning Centre in Manchester. He has a wife. three daughters and two grandchildren. and lives in South Staffordshire.


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