Creating the Kingdom

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Creating the Kingdom: The Story of David-in-us by Ian Johnson Spiritual Wisdom Publishing 2017 (pbk)

Awakening to our heart centre and coming to live from this rather than from what society and our conditioning might suggest is both the most amazing and most challenging journey we travel. This book uses the symbolism in the exciting and very human story of King David, to explore this inner spiritual awakening from the author Ian’s own experience. Here is what he says about it:

“The story of David is memorable and moving for me because I can see in it reflections of myself. My weaknesses and inadequacies mirrored in some characters, my strengths and virtues in others. In the relationships and events (of the David stories) I see pictured developments in my spiritual life, past, possible, or on-going. Seeing them ‘out there’ helps me to reflect on them, to realise possibilities and be warned of dangers.” Ian Johnson


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1 review for Creating the Kingdom

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    The book’s value is not so much as a scholarly text on one part of
    scripture, as a psycho-spiritual guide for each of us in our personal
    growth. It deals with the metaphorical David within each of us.
    Stephen Russell-Lacy author of Heart Head & Hands
    and Editor of Spiritual Questions ezine

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