Apocalypse of John Card Set


How can one feel the welcoming light of the Holy City and take in the healing energies of the River of the Tree of Life?

For centuries people have struggled to understand and cope with the confusing and bizarre sequence of prophetic visions seen by the apostle John described in the Book of Revelation, the last book of the Bible.

2014 Spiritual Wisdom ISBN 978-1-908649-03-4 Illustrations and artwork by G Roland Smith. Handbooks by Michael W. Stanley and Clifford Curry. Published by Spiritual Wisdom

These new illustrations of the key visions give structure to the books chaotic appearance.

The Card Deck, accompanied by two explanatory Handbooks, presents a new way of grasping and making sense of these visions in their sequence, and glimpsing their relevance to our personal lives.

Handbook One – Discovering Revelation with the Apocalypse Deck outlines the sequential structure of the visions, and explores their possible spiritual meaning and significance.

Handbook Two – Growing Spiritually with the Apocalypse Deck provides guidance for interpreting each card individually, in ways helpful for spiritual growth and development.

24 Apocalypse of John Illustrations to aid reflection on the key visions.

A Games Booklet to help you become familiar with the deck in a fun way.


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