Aqueduct Papers


What kind of thing can everyone expect to experience sooner or later when he or she passes through the gateway of death?

By Brian Kingslake, 1987 edition, published by Seminar Books, London, ISBN 0 907295 17 7 (pbk)

Here presented are twenty interviews with an angel thought up by Brian Kingslake concerning life after death. They provide Swedenborg’s teachings in an attractive and fascinating manner. The book is not overburdened with technicalities: rather, it is exciting and imaginative in style, including some whimsical humour and even a touch of romance. The author has taken some liberties in his descriptions and characterisations. But, to quote his own words, “I hope these disclosures will be reassuring, and that the contemplation of them will prove spiritually uplifting to the reader -as they have been to me in writing them.”

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